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Wholesale Handmade IncenseNo need to look anymore for Quality Incense, our line has been around for over 20 years now. Incense sticks, incense cones, incense for your magical work. Magic is nothing more that something science has no answer for. The metaphysical world is not the mystery that most would like it to be, it is only looking and asking for the answers too what some call the mysteries of life. The use of altar pieces such as incense, goblets blessed salt, candles and all the others create an environment for you to work. Why people have so many fears of the celestial world only comes from superstitions and others that want control over your life.

Wholesale Incense Ritual PowderIt is not fantasy that earth, fire, wind and water are the four elements that every religion in the world use too some extent.  incense powders are what most people use because of there clearer burn, you do not get the smell of a wooden stick burning. Incense burners have a three fold purpose, one is the fragrance that it releases and pleases God, the symbols of the item and just to hold the powder. The latter is the best reason for buying or making a good and safe incense burner. Our products, aromatherapy oils, aromatherapy, dragons, unicorns, magic, are of high quality.

Black magic is know for being that which one does evil too another, this can cover controlling others, i.e.. making someone do something against their will. This is what has given the word occult such a bad feeling of those that practice witchcraft or Wicca, or any other "pagan belief system. The worship of gods and the goddesses go back to the beginning of time and is also referred to as knowledge and wisdom within the worlds major belief.

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We do not make the claim, however our customers have said, we have the best fragrances on the market! Someday there maybe a internet SCRATCH & SNIFF so you can smell the quality of our fragrances before you purchase!!!

Merchandise that sells well in your retail store. Our products not only bring customers back after trying our incense but is a great way to generate extra sales.

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